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Key Elements that you MUST have in your video content!

With the rise of social media platforms today like Instagram and TikTok, small businesses like us are definitely at an advantage.

It is so important to have engaging and easy-to-digest videos for your business clients and customers. However, do you know what it takes to create short and concise videos for your small business to grasp the attention of your audience?

Have you included these KEY ELEMENTS in your business videos?


Captions are important as it helps to explain your product/services presented in the video, is accessible for everyone (especially for those who are unable to hear or sound may be an inconvenience) and for better comprehension of your message you want to bring across to your viewers. 

What exactly are the features of a good caption? Well, a good caption comprises short and concise but catchy phrases, additional or important notes that viewers should note (things that are not addressed in video) and the right choice of font and colour. 

  1. Short, catchy and concise phrases: This allows your viewers to get hooked and engaged with your content
  2. Additional/important information: Clarifies the doubts your audience may have and for transparency
  3. Right choice of font & colour: Choose less loud colours and fonts to avoid it being too distracting or out of aesthetics.


Audio is crucial when it comes to informational or educational videos where the dissemination of information is priority. Thus, the audio for videos like these should be made as clear as possible. 

Here are some tips for you to ensure your audio is clear as day:

  1. If you’re not using a plugged-in mic, ensure that your sound and microphone outlets of your device are not covered by your hand or surface
  2. If using background music to overlap a vocal audio, it is better to use instrumental music instead of lyrical music (remember to tone it down as well!)
  3. Articulate your words clearly, so the audio will not sound muffled


Having a hook in your video will make your viewers want to know more of what you can offer. It’s like the suspense your korean dramas give you, or the adrenaline rush if your mother calls you by your full name. 

How to make your audience get HOOKed to your video contents?

  1. Give them a mini sneak peek as your intro of the video: This will get audience to stay tuned for what you are about to offer
  2. Ask relatable questions: Not too many, just one or two. This way, your audience will relate to your content, making them comfortable and excited to engage with it
  3. Start with a problem, end with a solution: I mean… everyone wants a solution to any problem. It makes them think and question, hence staying through your content

Now that you know the tips, tricks and advice to create an apt video for your small business, it’s time for YOU to test and try it out! Follow and tag @peachypixx on Instagram, and let me know if it worked for you!

If you need more guidance and want to learn each and every step of creating your very own video, click the link and let’s work together!