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How PeachyPixx Can Help You

Video content creation can be an uphill battle if you’re new to the game. But you don’t want to use that excuse to miss out on the opportunities video content provides – I’m talking about increased engagement with your audience that surpasses text and image content.

Here are some ways PeachyPixx assists you in creating purposeful video content to grow your business.

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What Clients Say​

Renee is my go-to person for anything video-related. I've personally learned so much from her about recording short videos on my phone. I recommended a client of mine who was pretty lost on the kind of Reels they needed. Renee not only came up with ideas but offered them a package of doing the first three Reels alongside us so we got a hang of it. Renee really makes Reels creation a breeze (and fun!) too. Will continue to recommend her services to others.
Mini Marketing Hacks
Content Writer
I have the pleasure of working with Renee since 2018. Renee (& her team at PeachyPixx Productions) has been my primary go-to person in videography productions for my various speaking engagements; conferences, seminars & workshops. I am particularly impressed with her high work-rate and turnaround time that produce amazing videos. Besides being on the ground, Renee also provides sound advice and tips on videography through her emailers & youtube channels. Those advices not only has helped me to understand videography better but also facilitate our working relationship, especially when we need to communicate in capturing specific or special angles of video footages for my speeches. With quality videography productions & video tips at her disposal, Renee earns my highest recommendations.
Hazriq Idrus
Conference Speaker

Hey, I'm Renee Ismail!​

I have been running PeachyPixx Productions for a decade. My main passion lies in crafting brand videos for businesses – big or small. I enjoy supporting small businesses and female entrepreneurs with mentoring and videography services.

Business owners often ask me questions like “How should I gain the confidence to be in front of the camera?” or “What gear should I have to record videos?”, to list a few. With PeachyPixx, I answer these questions through mentoring and speaking gigs, in turn empowering my audience with simple and actionable videography tips.

Through the knowledge I share and the services I provide, I aim to elevate your content marketing efforts.

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