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PeachyPixx Productions started in 2013 to assist business owners in creating purposeful video content for their brands. As it evolved, this independent production house started realising the need to educate small business owners about the importance of content. Slowly, more services like YouTube Mentorship were introduced to empower entrepreneurs to create and monetise their content.

There is a power to visual content that is often overlooked. Business owners are so intimidated by the effort required to create videos that we often keep it on the back burner. This needn’t be the case. Through PeachyPixx, founder Renee Ismail guides entrepreneurs in ways to make videography a breeze through bite-size content and speaking engagements.

When you engage PeachyPixx, you’re getting access to a vast knowledge of video creation. You’ll work with a team that believes in creating content that resonates with your target audience. Rest assured, priority is given to producing content that leaves an impression.

My Story

I’m Renee Ismail, a self-taught videographer and the founder of PeachyPixx Productions, where I’ve been crafting visual tales for the past 10 years. Beyond my passion for creating captivating videos, I also thrive as a YouTube Creator and Mentor, helping business owners kickstart their YouTube channels with a minimalistic approach and gear.

My journey into this dynamic field was born out of a desire to break free from the confines of a corporate career, which I had pursued for 7 years. I took a leap of faith and immersed myself in the world of videography, and there’s been no looking back since.

As a YouTube Creator in Singapore, I find immense joy in mentoring fellow business owners, guiding them through the process of establishing their presence on this powerful platform. My approach is all about authenticity and building genuine relationships with the audience, making their YouTube journey both rewarding and impactful.

As a producer, I take immense pride in liaising with clients, ensuring their vision comes to life through each project. My creativity and motivation are kept alive by reminding myself of the purpose behind every video I create.

Feel free to explore and discover how we can embark on an exciting journey to enhance your brand’s presence through the power of video. Let’s tell your story, one frame at a time.


Outstanding Leadership Award 2023

During the Education Conference 2.0 held in Dubai, UAE, on June 19, 2023, Renee was presented with the prestigious Outstanding Leadership Award 2023. Amongst numerous accomplished SMEs in the education sector worldwide, she stood on stage, sharing the limelight and celebrating their collective success. The recognition she received left her feeling grateful for the acknowledgment of her efforts and dedication.

SME 500 Singapore Award 2022

PeachyPixx was honored with the prestigious SINGAPORE SME 500 AWARD 2022 on December 28, 2022. On the grand stage, alongside other successful SMEs from Singapore, we celebrated their remarkable achievements in the business landscape. The recognition bestowed upon us filled our hearts with gratitude and appreciation for this meaningful acknowledgment.

YouTube Singapore Creator Day 2022

PeachyPixx got the inside tour of the YouTube office in Singapore as part of their YouTube Creator initiative on 21 November 2022. Our founder, Renee, was wide-eye, admiring all the cool features of their office and learning more about the happenings behind YouTube from the experts themselves.

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