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Video Retainer Package

Do you have a YouTube channel? Are you struggling to consistently create, edit, upload and market videos for your channel?

Let me help you.

Do you find yourself falling behind with your YouTube video content creation?

Are you nodding your head?

Imagine if you could make all these problems go away!

What if I told you that you can have multiple videos suitable for your YouTube channel done for you every month?

Amazing, right?

Good news: I can do it for you!

Hi! My name is Renee

As a YouTube content creator myself, I know first-hand how daunting it can be to shoot, edit, publish and market your videos. It is a time consuming task. But when done right, it can reap benefits that are leaps and bounds from the effort you put in.
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What are your options for the retainer?​

Option A [Most value for money - 4 slots only!]

Option B:

In each option, you will get:​

What’s the catch? There’s none, but as this is a standard package for all, there are some terms and conditions:​

Here are some examples of YouTube channels I’ve turned around with my service…​

Imagine this: getting all your YouTube content filmed and edited for you. All you have to do is hit the publish button. You also have all the bite-size content to share on your social media without cracking your brain on which audio to use for Reels, which transition to use for TikTok and more.

If you think this retainer is suitable for you, book your preferred option today.

Frequently Asked Questions​

These packages work best for content creators who are excited to share their knowledge on YouTube. It’s also suitable for small business owners who are looking to interact and engage with their target audience.
Interview, explainer videos, reviews – any videos that have your face on them and don’t require research or a bank of stock information. If you have any slides, stock images or videos, text overlays or time stamps to add, please send them over so I can add them in.
Captions are auto-generated by YouTube, but yes, I’ll help you check for accuracy before you publish it.

Wondering how to start? Simple.

If you’re ready, click to sign up for your package. Once payment is made, you will be directed to my calendar where you can book your first call.

Alternatively, if you still have questions, click here for a non-obligatory 15-minute chat to understand how I can help you and your video content soar.