PeachyPixx Productions

Bite-Size Courses

Are you a new business owner?

Have you never tried doing content in video format before but are ready to try it out now?

That’s great!

If you’re finding it overwhelming to commit to my coaching session or intensive done-for-you video creation, here are some of my entry-level short courses that you can consider.

These courses are great ways that you can learn how to create video content in your own comfortable place.

Who are these courses good for?

Video content is powerful.

Don’t get intimidated by the effort to create videos. Let me guide you in ways to make videography a breeze with my bite-size courses.

Check out the online courses below.

The Video Introductory Kit

A self-paced online course that gives you what you need to create videos. The Video Introductory Kit will also shift your mindset about videos.

Kickstart Your Brand's TikTok

Amazing video training plus strategy plus cheat sheet guide that takes you through TikTok. Get audience who genuinely interact and buy from you!

Edit Your Video Like A Pro

In this ByteClass for non-professional video editor, you will learn about ways on how to edit like a pro without professional editing softwares.