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YouTube Mentoring

Want to start a YouTube channel but have no idea how to?

Do you just want to learn the best way you can do it yourself, that too from a seasoned video content marketer?

I got you.

In my YouTube Mentoring Programme, we go through all the stages you need to know when it comes to creating valuable video content for your YouTube channel.

If you’re a content creator or a small business owner, here are some reasons why you should start using videos as part of your marketing efforts:

  • According to Insivia, mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year.
  • In a report by Hubspot, 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service through video content.
  • Wordstream reported that 92% of users watching videos will share videos they like.
  • 90% of internet users rely on YouTube to discover new products, services, and brands.

Video is powerful. And the statistics to prove how powerful video content is will rise in the coming years.

As a business owner or content creator, you want to tap on this amazing power of video content.

What better way to do so than to share your videos on the second most popular social media network there is? YouTube.

How does the YouTube Mentoring Programme work?

This programme is great for content creators who are aware of the power of YouTube but have not tapped into its benefits.

The programme consists of 4 x 1-hour group mentorship sessions. Sessions are held once a week on Thursday mornings. 

Topics that will be covered include:

You will receive a YouTube Mentoring Workbook where you can track your progress via a checklist of things to do. In each session, we will go through your tasks and evaluate what you’ve done to ensure that you’re absorbing the knowledge shared and taking adequate action. All in the name of a guided mentorship programme to help you excel on YouTube.

By the end of the programme, you’ll have your YouTube channel setup and walk away with 2-long form videos and 2 short-form videos.

What will you achieve after the mentoring sessions?

It’s important to understand the entire lifecycle of creating a YouTube channel. It’s not just about showing up in front of a camera – anyone can do that!

Knowing which tools and types of video content are most suitable for you is crucial, too.

During the entire course of the mentorship, I’ll answer your burning questions about YouTube marketing. Plus, we will identify ways to create a channel, plan your video content and even share hacks to ensure you don’t spend too much time creating and editing videos!

At the end of the mentorship, you will be able to manage your YouTube channel effectively and be on your way to monetising this platform of your choice.


This YouTube Mentorship Programme is recommended for content creators or business owners who are ready to make a business shift, commit to their business and income growth and are ready to invest in themselves.

Sign up now as I only have 5 slots for my next batch of group mentorship starting 22 April 2024.

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