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Reaching Your 40s? 3 Life Changes You Might Want to Consider

They say change is the only constant, and isn’t that the truth?

Just like those beautiful leaves changing colour with each season, it’s a reminder that transformation can be a breathtaking thing.

Speaking of transformation, turning 40 was a pretty big deal for me.

I mean, the word “turning” itself carries so much weight. It’s like you’re turning the page to a whole new chapter, turning up the volume on your passion and greatness, and leaving the past behind as you turn that corner into the future.

At 40, you’re not just halfway through this crazy journey; it’s like you get a chance to rewrite the entire story.

After navigating my first year in this new decade, I’ve made a few key observations that I think are worth sharing:

You’re Never Too Old to Learn Something New

My journey is living proof of this. I started as a videographer, capturing corporate gigs through my lens. Then in my 30s, I stepped in front of the camera and got comfortable as a content creator.

And bam! At 40, I turned yet another corner and became a user-generated content creator. The point is, keep that door open to new experiences, friendships, and knowledge. That’s what keeps us young at heart and constantly evolving.

Writing is Healing

I never thought I’d say this, but putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) has become therapeutic for me. Not only am I sharing my thoughts on LinkedIn or Medium, but I’ve also fallen in love with journaling.

Ever since I got my ReMarkable, it’s been my constant companion. First thing in the morning, I’m reaching for it to express out my innermost reflections. This simple act has become a sacred ritual, a way to center myself and start each day with intention and mindfulness.

Be Proactive  – Go for It 100%

At this stage, it’s all about embracing that proactive mindset and going after your goals with everything you’ve got.

Ask yourself, what’s the worst that could happen?

We’ve got to learn to advocate for ourselves, let go of that fear of failure, and give our all — whether it’s in our careers, relationships, or personal endeavours.

If we don’t believe in our own potential, who else will?

I know I’ve got a whole decade ahead of me to keep learning what it means to be in my 40s. This list is just the beginning, a work in progress.

So I’d love to hear your wisdom and insights too. If you’re in your 40s now, what other lessons would you share?

If there’s one piece of advice I can leave you with, it’s this: Life is short, so eat dessert first! Laugh a lot, dance, and hug and kiss your loved ones. Too many of us end up physically impaired as we age, and then it’s too late.

Let’s make the most of this wild ride, shall we?