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Start now, or someone else will.

Are you a big procrastinator? Well, stop lazing around and start your next big video idea. If you don’t start now, someone else might steal that idea. 

I know getting up to do something may seem daunting or too much work, I get it. Fret not, I have a few tips for you to experiment on to get you up and going to shoot your new video content! 

Tip 1: Set a deadline

As cliché as it sounds, setting a deadline for your video posting is the catalyst to get you started. Set a realistic deadline, don’t be too ambitious about it – you want to be motivated not discouraged. 

Tip 2: Eliminate distractions

Unfortunately, you may have to give up Netflix and Disney+ for the time being if you want to be productive. Set your phone to ‘do not disturb’ mode to avoid checking notifications. Put a screen time limit on your phone, in case you overuse Instagram or Tiktok (can’t lie I’ve been there too!)

Tip 3: Break your workload

Now that you have set a realistic deadline, it’s time to get organised. 

Break your workload into smaller portions:

  • Planning
  • Filming
  • Editing 
  • Caption writing
  • Posting

Once you’ve mastered these 3 tips, you are free to get creative with however you want your schedule and video to look like! 

Remember, it is important that you start now before you miss an opportunity. The most perfect opportunity is at any time. 

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